Warfare, Environment, Social Inequality, and Pro-Sociability (WESIPS) 2024 – Biennial Conference


  • Dr. Richard J. Chacon (Winthrop University)
  • Dr. Yamilette Chacon (James Madison University)

June 4 – 7, 2024


CICUS Center, University of Seville, Spain

Over millennia, warfare, environmental degradation, and social inequality have brought much suffering to humankind. In an effort to facilitate interdisciplinary cross-fertilization, WESIPS brings together a cadre of internationally recognized scholars to address the underlying causes of warfare, environmental degradation, and social inequality from a host of interdisciplinary and theoretical perspectives. Setting the stage for the cumulation of knowledge, this symposium seeks to uncover effective solutions which foster peace, altruism, cooperation, social equality, and sustainable use of natural resources. 

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Department of Sociology and Anthropology
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