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While Spanish Studies Abroad can provide you with all of the information you may need before studying abroad, there is nothing like hearing it straight from students who have been there. Spanish Studies has an extensive group of alumni that are eager to share their experiences with you and answer any questions you may have. Recent students can share their first-hand experiences about studying, living, and traveling in Spain, Argentina, Puerto Rico and Cuba.

To contact past Spanish Studies Abroad students, simply email Spanish Studies at info[at]spanishstudies.organd one of our Admissions reps will send you contact information for our alumni. It’s that easy!

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Annie Reisenwitz

I recommend students study abroad in Alicante because it is a beautiful city that offers an authentic and immersive Spanish learning experience. It is a fairly large city with an amazing beach and castle in the town center. Alicante is situated on the Costa Blanca and has great public transportation to explore neighboring cities along the Mediterranean. The people of Alicante are extremely welcoming and friendly, creating ample opportunity to develop your conversation skills with your host family and locals. Aside from the beautiful weather and friendly community, the University of Alicante is a respected academic institution with a variety of classes for international students. Alicante became my second home, and I completely recommend this program and city to other students!

Name: Annie Reisenwitz
University: Temple University
Program: Alicante Integrated Studies Fall Semester


Study abroad in Alicante, Spain so that you can become immersed in the Spanish culture and make unforgettable international friends. I loved studying in Alicante with Spanish Studies Abroad because they helped guide me through the Spanish culture and made me feel at home.

Name: Brianna Hunter
University: University of Wyoming
Program: Alicante Spanish Studies Spring Semester

Cor Kathryn Vajda Córdoba Bus 2018 Córdoba Spanish Studies Spring Semester
Sydney Jameson
There are so many reasons I would recommend that someone study in Córdoba, Argentina. The food is amazing, the culture is rich and diverse, and the education is top-notch. Most importantly, I would recommend Córdoba because of the people who live there. The host families, the SSA staff, and so many of the city’s residents were friendly, welcoming, enthusiastic, and so excited to befriend me and help me learn. Córdoba was truly a life-changing experience for me and I would recommend it to anyone I met.

Name: Sydney Jameson
University: Houghton College
Program: Córdoba Spanish Studies Spring Semester

I would recommend Córdoba, Argentina because of the culture. The people I met are some of my greatest friends to this day and the food, city life, and surrounding area are all absolutely amazing.

Name: Owen Bedford
University: Saint Mary’s College of California
Program: Córdoba Spanish Studies Spring Semester

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