Spanish Volunteer Opportunities

Apart from improving my Spanish significantly, it was the most important experience that I had in all my time in Córdoba.

Students studying abroad in any Spanish Studies Abroad program in Seville or Alicante, Spain or Córdoba, Argentina have the advantage of adding a volunteer project to their experience. Volunteering gives students a unique perspective into the culture that can not often be achieved through classroom study alone. Cultural interaction, language practice, community service and personal development are only a few of the reasons why Spanish Studies encourages its students to volunteer. Our long-standing relationships with local organizations provides the ease of finding a volunteer placement that suits each student’s individual interests.

In addition to volunteering, Spanish Studies students also have the option to receive course credit for participation in an internship or service learning project. While a volunteer opportunity is more flexible than an internship, students are still expected to make a solid commitment and to maintain a set schedule. If you are interested in doing a volunteer project, contact the Spanish Studies Amherst Office for more information.


Hendrix Berry was a volunteer for the community development organization Un Techo Para Mi Pais (A Roof for my Country) during her semester abroad in Córdoba. Hendrix wanted to maximize her time as a student abroad, and saw volunteering not only as a way to gain work experience and learn more about the culture, but to give back to her host community. During her time as a volunteer, Hendrix helped build houses for immigrants living in one of the poorest neighborhoods of the city, and made real connections with the people who lived there. “It was truly a beautiful experience,” he said. “I came out with great contacts, feeling accomplished as a member of the community.”