Summer Study Abroad in English
Environmental Science: Ecosystems & Biodiversity from C贸rdoba to Patagonia, Argentina

Application Deadline

May 1, 2024
This program has now closed. Email [email protected] for late applications.
Start Date: June 4, 2024
– End Date: June 29, 2024
End Date: June 29, 2024
Credits: 4
Prerequisites: 2.5 Overall GPA

Program Overview

Explore the wonders of Patagonia, Argentina with the SSA Environmental Sciences Summer Program in English focusing on Ecosystems & Biodiversity in Central America. This program, ideal for students passionate about nature and conservation, combines academic studies in environmental sciences with hands-on experiences in South America’s ecologically diverse regions.

C贸rdoba and Patagonia, both known for their unique heritage, breathtaking landscapes, and unique wildlife, offer an unparalleled setting for studying biology and biodiversity. Engage in subjects from local flora and fauna to conservation strategies, while immersing yourself in the rich natural environment of the C贸rdoba and Patagonia regions and Central America. Embark on a journey of discovery and environmental stewardship where learning extends into diverse ecosystems and vital conservation efforts.

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Life Abroad

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Dive into the linguistic richness of Argentina, where Spanish coexists with indigenous languages like Quechua and Mapudungun. Engage in language exchanges and connect with locals to appreciate the region’s linguistic tapestry.


C贸rdoba and Patagonia’s history is a mosaic of indigenous and European influences. Explore stories embedded in the landscapes, from ancient rock art to European settlements, reflecting a history that shapes its current identity.


Enjoy the city sights of classical, modern and contemporary architecture while in C贸rdoba. In traveling to Patagonia, marvel at the blend of indigenous and colonial influences, from traditional Mapuche rukas to European-inspired buildings. These structures tell a story of cultural fusion and adaptation.


While wandering through C贸rdoba, take in the scenes of beautiful street art and galleries throughout the city. Patagonia also offers a window into diverse artistic expressions, from indigenous crafts to contemporary art. Discover galleries and local markets that highlight the artistic talents and cultural heritage of the region.


Sip on a refreshing mate while savoring the gastronomic delights of Argentina, renowned for its unique flavors. Enjoy dishes like lamb asado and king crab, reflecting the region’s rich culinary heritage shaped by its natural resources.

Natural Splendor

Even as the second largest city in Argentina, C贸rdoba is surrounded by biodiversity and outdoor adventure. Experience the breathtaking beauty of Patagonia’s landscapes through its pristine beaches, rugged mountains, and serene lakes, offering a harmonious blend of natural wonder and tranquility.

Cultural Immersion

Immerse yourself in Argentina’s vibrant cultural scene, characterized by indigenous festivals and local celebrations. This cultural richness provides students with a unique opportunity to experience and participate in the region’s diverse traditions and customs.

Your term in Patagonia offers much more than academic learning; it’s a deep dive into the heart of Patagonian culture and natural beauty. The cost of your program includes a range of cultural and outdoor activities, carefully selected by our Resident Director to enrich your experience. Here’s a glimpse of what awaits you in Patagonia:

Welcome to Patagonian Cuisine: Begin your journey with a welcoming dinner featuring local specialties like lamb asado and king crab, allowing you to connect with fellow students and our local team.

Patagonian Nature Trails: Explore the breathtaking landscapes of Patagonia, hiking through trails that reveal the region’s diverse flora and fauna.

Visit to a聽Local Estancia: Experience life on a traditional Patagonian ranch, learning about local farming practices and history.

Kayaking in Pristine Waters: Paddle through the serene lakes or rivers, surrounded by the stunning natural beauty of Patagonia.

Discover Indigenous Cultures: Take part in an excursion to learn about the rich heritage of the indigenous Mapuche communities.

Local Museum Tours: Immerse yourself in the region’s history and art with visits to museums that showcase Patagonian culture and natural history.

Relax at Hidden Beaches: Unwind on secluded beaches, enjoying the peaceful ambiance and scenic beauty of Patagonia’s coastline.

Cultural Celebration Finale: Conclude your stay with an evening of local food and cultural activities, possibly including traditional dance or music performances.

Please note that while most activities are included in your program’s cost, some may incur a small additional fee. The availability of activities may vary depending on the program schedule.

Meet your Resident Director

This is a great moment to live an experience that you will keep in your heart, throughout your personal and academic life. I expect that students will open their minds and hearts to other forms of knowledge. While excellent academics is the main eason to study at Universidad Nacional de C贸rdoba, the richest aspect of your experience will be getting to know another culture 鈥 which I鈥檓 sure you will fall in love with!
Patricia Maqueda
Resident Director

The SSA Team with their students!



Cross-cultural learning, a vital part of understanding the world from different perspectives, is deeply rooted in your life outside the classroom in Argentina. During your study program, you’ll spend the first several days in C贸rdoba and will reside with a local family in the vicinity of your academic institution. This immersion in Argentine life from the outset is crucial for grasping the nuances of the local language, customs, and daily routines. Engaging in daily conversations with your host family, you’ll start to comprehend the “unspoken language” 鈥 the core values and subtle beliefs that shape their way of living.

Your homestay in C贸rdoba includes comprehensive amenities such as full room and board. If you have special dietary needs or require specific housing arrangements, we can accommodate these requests, though they may incur an additional fee.

To ensure your homestay is both comfortable and conducive to your learning and cultural immersion, our staff diligently selects and regularly inspects each home. We also engage in thorough discussions with host families about norms and policies to maintain a warm, peaceful, and supportive environment for your educational journey.

While traveling from C贸rdoba to Patagonia, you will experience the thrill of the outdoors with homey lodging in the campo. Once in Patagonia, dig into your free-spirited side with stays in local hostels that have been cleared and approved by our diligent staff.聽聽


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Environmental Sustainability/Ecology

This intensive 4-credit course offers a learning experience in environmental maintenance and protection in two key Argentine regions: the province of C贸rdoba, known for its many nature preserves, and Patagonia, renowned for its unique geological formations. The course features experiential learning opportunities where students will apply theoretical knowledge on the ground. Classes will be taught by faculty of the Universidad Nacional de C贸rdoba, institution recognized for its ongoing work in this area, whereas field activities will be led by park rangers from the Universidad Provincial de C贸rdoba and guides specialized in academic tourism. Along with theoretical and practical classes, the course includes visits to wildlife preserves, camping excursions in national parks of C贸rdoba and transport to the coastal region of Patagonia. As a part of biodiversity and ecosystem training, students may take part in the environmental protection tasks that these areas require. Classes will be taught in English. Students may also enroll in an optional introductory Spanish course.

Contact Hours: 60

Credits: 4

Your learning and immersion experience in the communities of UNC is supported by the presence of the Resident Director, who will be both guide and teacher as you make your cross-cultural journey. The Resident Director helps you to synthesize your experience through the special Cultural Realities course, and through personal contact and cultural activities throughout your stay.

We work with:

Founded by the Jesuits in 1613, the UNC’s history is closely intertwined with the city of C贸rdoba. Located in the center of historic downtown, it is home to rich historical sites, architecture and resources, such as the old rectorado building and a rare book collection unique in the Americas. Students also have easy access to museums, theatre, nightlife, shopping, and public transportation.

Because of UNC’s central role in the development of C贸rdoba, the city is popularly known as la Docta (the Scholar). Its prestige attracts about 100,000 students from all over Argentina and South America to study at the institution.

By studying at UNC, you have the opportunity to meet a variety of Argentine and South American students in the classroom and through daily interaction. Each year, UNC also welcomes approximately 300 study abroad students to its campus who come to C贸rdoba for semester, academic year or summer programs. The great majority of these students are from Western Europe and Asia.

With a small English-speaking presence in the university and the city, Spanish is generally the prime language of communication for everyday life, which gives you a great opportunity to build your language and cultural skills.

At UNC, Spanish Studies Abroad works in cooperation with the Programa de Espa帽ol y Cultura Latinoamericana (PECLA), which offers a broad variety of courses in language, literature, history, and culture. PECLA’s courses are designed to serve the needs of the international students who come to UNC to study.

While you will select a number of courses from the curriculum offered by PECLA, all Spanish Studies students enroll in one regularly-scheduled course at UNC. As you share the classroom and interchange ideas with your Argentine peers, you will find yourself immersed in both academic and cultural learning.

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