Independent Research Project

Why choose this course?

As a semester and academic year student studying abroad with Spanish Studies Abroad, you have the unique opportunity to combine your academic curiosity and direct access to Spanish, Argentine, and Puerto Rican culture by completing an Independent Research Project (IRP).
This personalized and flexible research program allows you to propose, design, and complete a research project that meets the specific requirements of your home college or university.

During your IRP, you will be given a faculty adviser from the Spanish Studies or host institution’s faculty or staff. This adviser will help guide your project through meetings and discussions, monitor your progress, and serve as an invaluable resource during your investigation.

In the past, students have combined private lessons in studio art, acting, flamenco guitar, and dance with academic research to create projects that include:

Federico Garcia Lorca on Paper and on the Stage

One student combined acting classes, work on a production of “La casa de Bernarda Alba”, and literary analysis of Garcia Lorca’s plays to develop an in-depth understanding of Garcia Lorca’s literary collection and legacy.

Contemporary Spanish Women Writers and Feminism

Over two semesters, a student studied the works of several contemporary women writers in Spain and then Spanish feminism to see how these two aspects of women’s developing role in society interacted.

Stencil Graffiti of Seville

After developing a curiosity in the stencil graffiti throughout the city walls of Seville, one student created a photo journal of stencil graffiti to try to understand each piece's intended message and appreciate it as its own work of art.

Translational Theory and Practice

As a starting place for a required senior thesis, one student studied theories and models of translation to be able to defend his own translation of a collection of poems from English to Spanish in front of a thesis review board.

Apply now by downloading the IRP proposal form and sending it to the Amherst Office.
The deadline for your proposal is two months before the start of your program.