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How to Dress in Cuba


How to Dress in Cuba

So here’s part one in our Havana Orientation Series, all about how to dress in Cuba!

Hi, so you decided to come to Cuba. Great decision. Beautiful country. We live here!

And of course you have a lot of questions. So, here’s some videos to help you out. We’re going to show you our Cuba.

In this first one, our job is to help you out with one of the biggest questions you have when you’re going to travel. 

What to bring?

Now where to begin? Hang on for a minute. For starters, what would you wear for school? Frankly, almost everything. Well, almost everything decent. Save your sandals and shorts for the beach.

Girls, for you, leggings, jeans, not too tiny skirts can go with T-shirts and shirts. You can also wear dresses. Remember, this is a very hot country.

Boys, you have it easy, as usual. A pair of jeans and suitable shorts with a shirt or two will do the trick. Okay. What just happened?

On the other hand, if what you want is to hang around, you can get more comfortable. Using shorts and sleeveless shirts is okay now. It’s nighttime, and you have a lot of options. If you’re feeling like going dancing or maybe visiting the theater, you should dress up a little, depending on what your plans are.

Remember how we told you to save your sandals and shorts for the beach? Well, it’s time to freshen up a little. Make sure you don’t forget your sunscreen, sunglasses, and voilá, fini, bien! You’re done.

Just in case. Let’s double check. You got clothes for school, for informal occasions, for going out, for the beach. Well, if everything’s in order, we’re good to go.

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