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How To: Argentina Accent (Cordoba)


How To: Argentina Accent (Cordoba)

Ever wondered how to replicate the beautiful Argentinian accent in Spanish? One of our English teachers talks us through it.

If you really want to put on a real cordobés accent, there’s a simple rule. If you take the word cordobés, you have to focus on the syllable where the stress falls, and it’s going to be “bés”, cordoBÉS.

So in order to get the right accent, you have to lengthen the syllable before the stressed one. So Cordobés becomes CordoBÉS.

And if you say la mesa, la mesa, then the stress falls on me. So you’re going to lengthen la. So, voy a poner la MEsa. (I’m going to lay the table/I’m going to set the table.) Voy a poner la MEsa.

So the secret to getting the right accent is finding the stressed syllable and lengthening the syllable before.

So if, for example, you’re going to say only the word “pera”, pear, in English, you are not going to have anything to do. I mean, you don’t do anything, because pera has a stress on the first syllable. So it’s just pera.

If you lengthen any part, it sounds foreign. So the secret is finding the stressed syllable and lengthening the previous syllable.

And when you think of it, I’m not the kind of speaker that will show immediately that I have the accent of Córdoba.

I have some words or phrases where you can tell that if, especially when it’s an informal conversation with me. But I can imitate the accent naturally because I live here, so I can tell.

“Cuando vamos a Las Sierras, me gusta mirar los pájaros, y disfrutar la naturaleza. Todas esas cosas que hacen que la vida sea agradable. Eso es lo mejor. “

¡El acento cordobés tiene un cantito!

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