¡Hola! ¡Soy Dora!


¡Hola! ¡Soy Dora!

Hola a todos! This post is just going to be a compilation of various small stories and blurbs that I’ve been wanting to tell y’all and either forgot to mention at the time or didn’t know a good place to fit them.

My Dora Theory: I’m sure many of you have heard it, but I’d like to share it with y’all now because I think it’s genius. Right before I left for spain, I got a bunch of my hair chopped off (like almost all of it). Not only do I have the short hair like Dora, I also speak fluent Spanish and I’m obviously an explorer. Well where’s my Swiper, you say? Well that’s definitively Kaelyn because she’s constantly STEALING MY STUFF. In conclusion, I am the Blonde Dora and proud. Disney, hire me please. 

We all know between Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech, VT is the obvious winner, and of the many reasons why, here is one. While sitting in a plaza in Valencia eating lunch, I noticed a teenage boy a little older than me walk by with a VT shirt on. I debated screaming out the Hokie fight chant but realized that I’d look a bit crazy if he didn’t hear it. So I just shouted “Go Hokies!”, confusing all the girls I was sitting with. And out of the crowd, the boy turned to see me and screamed “yeah!!” It’s crazy how you can find a fellow Hokie just about anywhere.

One of the other big reasons VT is the best is the food. Oh, the food… how I miss the food. But how is the food in Spain, you ask? Delicious… though very different. Spaniards are so much healthier. Every meal consists of a healthy mix of protein, vegetables, and carbohydrates. They have some unique dishes too, that I find myself eating quite often at home such as paella, tortilla española, croquetas, and churros. They’re all amazing and quite cheap compared to US prices. The food my host mom makes me has also made me grown to like foods I didn’ t like before. Of course she always says I can tell her whenever there’s something I don’t like, but I could never do that, so I suffered through eating bell peppers and mushrooms. However, now I eat and actually enjoy both of them… crazy, right?

I’ve learned a lot about Spain’s food in the past month; in fact, I did my final presentation for grammar class on the similarities and differences between the food in the US and Spain and how these affect their culture, economy, and society. It was pretty dope (slang for cool) if I do say so myself. So hopefully, I’ll get a good grade on that as that was my final oral presentation grade.

For a while there, my grammar teacher kept making comments on me being quiet in class and looking sad while learning. I understand that in Spain, people are more direct, so I tried to not let it bother me too much. However, after a while I needed to tell her about mom. I’m almost always a good student in class and walk in with a good attitude. I’ve just been finding it really difficult lately, and it hurt too much feeling like my teacher was disappointed in me. So after class, I apologized for my attitude and told her what happened and she completely understood. In fact, her little sister, mom to three kids, passed away suddenly at the age of 40, so she really did understand. Over the next few days, she’s checked in with me to make sure I’m doing okay, and I appreciate that.

The question is just that though, am I doing okay? Well, depends on how you define okay. In taking the trains to and from various cities this past weekend, I cried on every one (silently, of course). If one defines okay as releasing emotions, then I’m perfectly fine. But if one defines okay as not dwelling on mom’s death and going over it in my head hundreds of times a day, then I’m not okay. It’s been 36 days today since she died, and every day I relive her death and various moments of her life. And yet, the whole thing still feels surreal somehow.

I find myself having to remind myself that I will never see her or talk to her again, and that’s what really gets me. On the bright side, my dad Jason has set up a system where I can get therapy online through our insurance and then continue to see that person in person when I get back. I’m going to be booking the first appointment today at some point.

We’re gonna rap up this series of short little blurbs now with a bit of comedic relief. Last Thursday, my friends Taylor and Marion and I were standing under a tree putting some papers in our backpacks while a few ducks were walking by. I was taking a video of the ducks, when all the sudden poop fell from the sky and landed on me. It definitely wasn’t bird poop, so there goes my good luck. They actually have a word in Spanish for people that attract bad luck- gafe- and I think I encompass every part of the word. Welp hasta pronto (see you soon) with my post about my trip to Barcelona and Madrid this past weekend.

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