Best Gifts for Host Family

Study Abroad Student With Her Host Family In Seville

First impressions are everything with your host family. Selecting good gifts for your homestay family is an easy way to break the ice and start off on the right foot.

While it might be easy to put this off until the last minute, we recommend not waiting to pick up a mug or magnet at the airport a few minutes before you leave!

Putting careful thought and attention into your gift can show your family that you are excited to be a member of their household and look forward to connecting with them during your stay.

Don’t forget: investing time to build a positive relationship with your host family not only helps with your connection to the local culture but you’ll also make leaps and bounds in your language learning during your time abroad.

Read on to find some tips and advice on choosing the best gift to bring your host family!

Study Abroad Student With Her Host Mom In Seville
Jessie Lewis and her host mom in Seville

Why to stay with a homestay family

Hopefully at this point, you have already chosen to live with a homestay family during your time abroad.

The majority of Spanish Studies Abroad students stay with homestay families. They give you the unique insight into a foreign culture by allowing you to become part of a family. It’s the best way to practice your Spanish!

Our homestay families are carefully selected by our on-site staff to meet our program requirements. Many of the families we work with have been hosting our students for years!

Study Abroad Student With Her Host Family In Seville
Susana Guerrero with her host family in Seville

When to give your host a gift

A few weeks before departure you should receive some basic details about your host family, their address, who will be living in the house and if they have children or pets.

Sometimes there might be a small description about the family and their interests or hobbies. Once you have this information, it’s time to start shopping!

Upon arrival

Giving a present as soon as you meet your host family or arrive at their home is a great way to show your appreciation and break the ice.

We recommend presenting them with the gift your first day or at dinner the first night when the whole family is home.

Practicing saying a phrase in the host family’s native language (for example: “Gracias por su hospitalidad” / “Thank you for your hospitality”). This is also another way to wow your hosts and make a great first impression.

Departing gift

Looking for a simple way to say thank you to your host family and leave them a momento at the end of your stay?

This could be a bouquet of flowers with a picture frame and a photo of you with your host family or a simple hand-written thank you card in their native language.

Saying goodbye can sometimes be hard. Many of our students form lasting relationships with their host families and continue to stay in touch with them for years to come!

Students In Cuba Celebrating A Birthday With Local Friends And Host Family
Students in Cuba celebrating a birthday with local friends and family

Where to find inspiration

Gifts do not have to be expensive and should be more about the thought and personalization you put into it.

To help start get the creative juices flowing, we’ve compiled a list of resources you can tap to get some host family gift ideas:

The Spanish Studies Abroad team

We are here to help! All of our team members have studied abroad before. They can provide examples of gifts that they have personally given or provide recommendations based on past students.

You local study abroad office or returning students on your home campus

Some of the best resources for recommendations are on your home campus! Reach out to your study abroad office for the names of students who have studied on your program. If you’re going on a program with Spanish Studies Abroad, ask us to get you in contact with one of our alumni.

A local boutique or store in your hometown

Skip the big box chains and shop local for a unique gift that says something about your home state or town. Also, university gear from your campus bookstore is always an option!


Still not sure? There are TONS of gift boards for homestay family ideas on Pinterest, you could literally spend hours on here browsing.


Not all of us are skilled at making our own gifts, luckily Etsy is a one-stop shop for all things handcrafted, vintage, collectible or unique.

Make it personal

Adding a custom touch to your gift based on your heritage or geographic location is a thoughtful way to share a piece of your background with your host family.

Our Admissions Advisor, Kira Hakanson is Swedish-American. She got her host family in Ecuador wooden figurines of the dala hest (doll horses), a traditional Swedish souvenir.

And when our Admissions Manager Abbi Eidt studied abroad in both Argentina and Scotland, she opted to bring a piece of the U.S. South with her – hot sauce and creole seasoning!

Bringing regional ingredients or food items that aren’t available in your host country also gives you the opportunity to prepare a meal with your host family together and share a special moment – a fun and interactive way to share your culture with them!

Katherine Moronta Who Studied In Cuba Says “nothing Better Than Having A Host Family That Made You Feel Like Home”
Katherine Moronta who studied in Cuba says, “Nothing better than having a host family that made you feel like home!”

What gifts not to get your host family

While we love the idea of food items, you will definitely want to make sure you are not traveling with non-perishable items that can go bad in transit (think fruit, vegetables, cheese) or that could be potentially carrying a pest (no seeds, plants, soil, etc.).

Typically, shelf stable items are a safe bet and keep in mind TSA regulations if you are bringing carry on luggage.

We also don’t recommend bringing wine or alcohol as gifts. Depending on the country you are studying in, the host family may be more traditional than what you are used to in the U.S.

Given that, it’s better to err on the side of caution when thinking about bringing alcohol into their home. Keep in mind, the Spanish Studies Abroad policy of no drinking in your homestay.

Avoid generic items that you might find at the airport (key chains, mugs, magnets). Host families who have been receiving students for many years probably have quite the collection of these items.

Our favorite gifts for your host family

To help you, the team has compiled a list of their favorite host family gift ideas. We drew from our experience studying abroad, helping prepare students to go abroad and speaking to them after they return. We definitely encourage you to get creative!

Snack or food item from your geographic region or heritage

Bring something unique from your area that wouldn’t be typically found in the country where you’ll be studying (ex: maple syrup, salt water taffy, locally made chocolates or jams).

Recipe card and ingredients

Similar to above, you can take it a step further and make your favorite recipe with your family (brownies, pancakes or oatmeal cookies, anyone?).

Board or card game, puzzle specific to your home state or region

This also lends itself to being a fun activity to bond with your host family.

T-shirt or baseball cap from your university or local sports team memorabilia

Being a sports fan can also be a great cultural bridge (for example: baseball is really popular in Cuba and Puerto Rico, while in Spain futbol — soccer– is king!).


Bringing a small print or painting of your city or region is always welcome.

Handmade item

If you’re particularly creative, this is the moment to showcase that. Whether you’re into photography, pottery or painting – a handmade item is a thoughtful and unique gift.

Photo book or photo album

Gift a coffee table book with images of your home state or region or a photo album that you can add to over the course of your stay.

Blanket, Scarf or Tapestry

A blanket, scarf or tapestry made in your home state or region (for ex: we love these Southwestern-inspired tapestries).

Mariella Kennedy Host Sister Integrated Studies Spring Semester 2018
Mariella Kennedy and her host sister in Seville


Overall, a thoughtful homestay family gift should be personal to where you are from. It should help spark conversation with your host about your culture, heritage or geographic home.

Remember that it’s likely your host family will be accepting international students into their home because they want to learn about your culture as much as they want to share theirs with you.

Taking the opportunity abroad to interact with your host on a daily basis, learn about them and their background and practice the language will make your study abroad experience as rewarding as possible!

Do you have more questions about our homestays or programs? Contact us here:

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