Studying Abroad: Race, Ethnicity and Nationality

Race and ethnicity abroad are often perceived differently than in the U.S. While abroad, you may have different experiences with your racial and ethnic identity(ies) than you do at home.

You may experience being in the minority or majority for the first time, encounter different perspectives of what it means to be from the U.S., or have stereotypes (both positive and negative) placed upon you.

While everyone’s experience is different, preparing yourself ahead of time and knowing which resources are available can be helpful.

Questions to consider

  • What identities do I hold at home? What do these mean to me?
  • How might I be perceived in my host community?
  • What is the history of ethnic and racial tensions in the country I am visiting?
  • Who can I talk to if I experience racism/discrimination during my program? On the program? From back home?
  • What resources are available to prepare me before and during my program?
  • Will I be able to find specific products I need abroad, such as hair care products?