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Why study abroad in Argentina?

Argentina is a great destination for international American students as it is one of the best places to experience full cultural immersion and heightened Spanish fluency. Fuel your sense of adventure with nearby mountain ranges and generational estancias. If you’re like our students, one or more of these factors could lead you to choose a study abroad program in fabulous Spain:

Argentina as a study abroad destination

Setting your priorities

Studying abroad in Argentina is a unique opportunity for US students and your reasons for doing so may generate a long list. In choosing your study abroad destination, it takes understanding your own priorities. As noted above, there are some obvious reasons such as wanting to study in South America, cultural immersion, and the quality of life in Argentina.

Argentina is also known for quality education and as one of the safest countries in South America, if those are important to you. You also need to take into account what courses you might need to stay on track for graduation as well as what destinations are approved by your university.

How much does it cost to study abroad in Argentina?

While locals in Argentina experience difficulties with cost of living, the country can be very affordable for international students, especially in comparison with many Western countries. There can be some variance by program but our shorter programs are generally from $4,000 to $5,200 and semesters can be around $15,500 without factoring in financial aid and scholarships.

When making your budget, consider what extra expenses you may have; for example, if you plan to travel extensively on the weekends, your expenses will be higher than someone who focuses on staying primarily in one’s host city.

How to get started studying abroad in Argentina?

For American college students, the first steps are to speak with your academic advisor and the international education office on your campus. Our programs are for college credit and it’s important to figure out how a study abroad program can fit into your degree plan.

Financial issues must be considered, such as how your financial aid can apply as well as what other scholarships may be available. Keep in mind that Argentina is a great destination for many types of majors beyond Spanish or International Studies. The country is also a great location for those pursing environmental-related degrees or human sciences.

Where should I study in Argentina?

Spanish Studies Abroad offers 2 locations in Argentina, though with different timeframes, so consider what type of environment suits you best. CĂłrdoba is a bustling metropolitan city with over 200,000 university students obtaining their education in the city. It's also a center for arts and learning through its many museums and theaters.

The region of Patagonia is world renown for its beautiful landscape and unique geological formations. SSA currently offers a January Term (~4 weeks) of exploring wildlife preserves, national parks, and the coastline of this infamous location.



Immerse yourself in big-city lifestyle and Argentina’s culture – history, architecture, tango, and empanadas. 



Surround yourself with nature in the coastal region of Patagonia through camping, whale watching, and even snorkeling with sea lions.

When can I study abroad in Argentina?

SSA offers semester programs in the Fall and Spring, which can be combined into an academic year. If you can’t work out a full semester, Spanish Studies Abroad offers a January Term and a short-term Summer program.

SSA also supports a lot of colleges’ short-term faculty-led trips to Argentina.

Start studying abroad in Argentina

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Who is our partner university for international students in Argentina?

At Spanish Studies Abroad, students can combine Spanish language classes with taking content courses in Spanish for advanced speakers of the language, all at one of the local universities in CĂłrdoba.

In Argentina, we work with  the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, which is an excellent options for international students as they are able to learn alongside thousands of Argentine and other South American students alike.

UNC is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Latin America. The downtown location full of colonial buildings was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000.

Enroll in a broad variety of courses including language, literature, history, culture, and so much more. 

During the January Term in Patagonia, learn from the Universidad Nacional de CĂłrdoba faculty members and local park rangers while exploring the country and making your way down to coastal Patagonia.


Why travel to Argentina with Spanish Studies Abroad?

There are many choices in study abroad so you should look at different options and destinations. So why do our students love our programs?

Cathedral of CĂłrdoba

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