Environmental Science Study Abroad: Ecosystems & Biodiversity from Córdoba to Patagonia

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From Córdoba to Patagonia: Program Description

This intensive 4-credit course offers a learning experience in environmental maintenance and protection in two key Argentine regions: the province of Córdoba, known for its many nature preserves, and Patagonia, renowned for its unique geological formations.

The course features experiential learning opportunities where students will apply theoretical knowledge on the ground.

Classes will be taught by faculty of the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, institution recognized for its ongoing work in this area, whereas field activities will be led by park rangers from the Universidad Provincial de Córdoba and guides specialized in academic tourism.

Along with theoretical and practical classes, the course includes visits to wildlife preserves, camping excursions in national parks of Córdoba and transport to the coastal region of Patagonia.

As a part of biodiversity and ecosystem training, students may take part in the environmental protection tasks that these areas require.

Classes will be taught in English. Students may also enroll in an optional introductory Spanish course. 

Program taught in English. No Prerequisites.

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Meet Your Resident Director

This is a great moment to live an experience that you will keep in your heart throughout your personal and academic life. I expect that students will open their minds and hearts to other forms of knowledge. While excellent academics is the main reason to study at Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, the richest aspect of your experience will be getting to know another culture – which I’m sure you will fall in love with!

Patricia Maqueda

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