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Experience the typical hustle and bustle of Barcelona on La Rambla, take a stroll through one of the many barrios, or enjoy any of its famous Mediterranean beaches. This city is host to several UNESCO World Heritage sights, attracting millions of visitors each year.

The Spanish Studies STEM(ICT) program is designed to allow you to complete coursework in English, as you gain an understanding of Spanish culture and language.

Why choose this program?


Choose your term

Start Date: Sep, 2024
Apply by: May 15, 2024
End Date: Dec, 2024
Cost: $15.700
There are additional fees for the student residence housing option. Please contact SSA for details.
Note: Program under 90 days, no Spanish student visa required.
Start Date: Jan 7, 2024
Apply by: Oct 31, 2023
End Date: Mar 23, 2024
Cost: $15.500
There are additional fees for the student residence housing option. Please contact SSA for details.

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Courses Term

What are you spending your program fee on?

For a specific price for this program please reach out to us, as fees vary depending on the destination.

What does the program fee include?


Double occupancy room & full board


Overnight & local study visits & cultural activities


Health Insurance

Spanish Studies transcript

Support of onsite staff

Special Dietary Needs

Students with food allergies, intolerances, or other medical conditions that require a special diet may incur an extra fee to cover related dietary expenses. Please contact Spanish Studies for additional details.

All fees are in U.S. dollars and based on current exchange rates. Any considerable decrease in the value of the dollar will affect fees.

How much spending money should I budget for?

These costs are merely orientative*

This plan estimates personal and miscellaneous expenses at approximately $175 per week. 

If you need to travel to a consulate for the purpose of obtaining a visa before your program abroad (semester students only), remember to budget for that travel expense.

Some students will spend more and others will spend less, of course. Consider your lifestyle and budget accordingly. 

The “Short Term” estimate is for one 3.5 week program; if you are participating in two, multiply by two.

The key areas available are: 

Audiovisual Systems

Video Art

Music Technology

Electrical Engineering

Digital Systems

Artificial Intelligence

Telecomunication Networks

Communication Technologies


Computer Engineering

Biomedical Engineering

Computer Vision

Meet your Resident Director


I will work with you from the moment you apply to the Barcelona program. Throughout your stay in Barcelona and until your departure,  my role is to  help and guide you and even hug you when you need it.  This amazing experience will change your life and I want to be a part of it. I love interacting with students and making sure you feel secure and satisfied with the  program. Don’t hesitate to participate in this life changing experience. We are waiting for you!

María de la Viña

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