Clock is Ticking Down…


Clock is Ticking Down…

Final Week

I really cannot believe that I only have one more full day here in Seville. Mannah and I woke up this morning and talked about how quickly these last three weeks have gone by. I’ll definitely save my last post to get into the emotional, cheesy reminiscing, but for now, I’ll give a quick rundown on how I spent my last full week in Spain.


My class went on a field trip Monday to an olive grove estate to see how Basilippo grows, picks, makes, and bottles their world famous olive oil. When my professor first told us that we would be going to an olive oil factory as a class trip, I was pretty skeptical. I thought it was going to be boring and a waste of time, but I was pleasantly proved wrong. We got to walk around acres of olive trees, learn about what really makes olive oil “extra virgin”, and even tried olive oil and chocolate ice cream (???) which was surprisingly delicious. While perhaps not the most glamorous way to spend a Monday afternoon, I guess it’s pretty cool that I can check “visit an olive oil factory” off of my bucket list.

Real Alcazar

I think our host mom had asked Mannah and I about 697535 times if we had gotten a chance to visit the Real Alcazar of Seville between Tuesday and the day we originally arrived… Well, yesterday we finally went! This gigantic royal palace was so fun to explore: from mosaics to pillars to gardens to peacocks (!!), I finally understood why our host mom was so eager for us to get a chance to see the Alcazar for ourselves.


As our time in Spain is rapidly nearing its end, Mannah and I definitely wanted to make the most of all of the time we had this week. We went out every night this week to cafes, ice cream shops, stores, and bars (shoutout to Eliza and Delaney for staying up until 1am with us even though we had school!). There are so many places to grab food and drinks here in Sevilla, so the four of us finally decided to stop trying to visit all of them and just stick with the ones we really like. We made return trips to La Sra. PopAmarino, and a wine bar this week. Walking in to the workers at all of these places saying “welcome back!” is something I’m really going to miss when I go back to the US. While it’s sad that tomorrow is our last day, we already have plans to make sure that we end our trip here with a bang and I can’t wait to have one last incredible night out in this beautiful city!

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