5 Best Tapas Restaurants to Enjoy in Barcelona

A tapas bar in a Barcelona restaurant

5 Best Tapas Restaurants to Enjoy in Barcelona

Tapas is a large part of Spanish culture, with restaurants popping up on nearly every corner. Lively discussions with friends in cafes and restaurants are a way of life throughout Spain.

No stranger to the tapas scene, Barcelona has many hot spots to consider while you are studying there, so keep this guide handy. 

Here are five tried-and-tested tapas restaurants you need to check out while exploring the city. 

Bar del Pla

Located in El Borne, Bar de Pla has become very popular with the locals and travelers from near and far. The bar has a nice old-school tapas bar feel, with wooden tables, barstools, and classic Barcelona-style hydraulic floor tiling. The atmosphere is very informal—just like a tapas bar should be.

Pepa Bar al Vins

Famous for its modern Catalan tapas and natural wines, Pepa Bar al Vins is the place to go. What was once an old bookstore turned hole-in-the-wall wine bar, the Barcelona tapas restaurant is known for its unusual food combinations and excelling pairings. The limited menu is known to change regularly, so come with an open mind and an empty belly!

glass of red wine on table in Pepa Bar al Vins, tapas bar in Barcelona

Bar Mut

Bar Mut is a small, French-looking spot complete with marble-topped counters, brass-and-frosted-glass fixtures, a blackboard with a handwritten menu, and hazy gold lighting that sticks out in all charming late-night spots. Known for its delicious tapas and fresh seafood. Bar Mutt is a must, as long as your pocketbook allows. The food quality and the unique atmosphere make up for the upscale pricing.

El Quim de la Boqueria

El Quim de la Boqueria is a mouth-watering tapas bar in the famous Boqueria market in Barcelona. Most places in the Boqueria are a great option to eat. However, El Quim is one of the best and should be at the top of your list. Quim has been serving some of the city’s tastiest tapas for 22 years in the heart of La Boquería market. The tapas’ ingredients are also purchased locally in the Boqueria itself! Does it get any fresher?

The entrance to la Boquería market in Barcelona

Bodega la Puntual 

Conveniently located next to Barcelona’s Picasso Museum, Bodega La Puntual has created a unique atmosphere of the traditional Spanish Bodegas. This special space has a warm, authentic feel, with pretty arches, exposed stone walls, decorative barrels, and posters showing the best of Catalan culture. You will be served tasty grilled octopus and chicken wings alongside the most delicious Spanish tapas in town. Bodega la Puntual is an extremely popular spot where you won’t break the bank!

Barcelona’s culinary scene is one of the world’s best. In the Mediterranean, you can learn about culture and history through food. Make sure trying different dishes is on your bucket list when you study abroad in Spain!

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