Four best neighborhoods that you’ll love in Córdoba, Argentina


Four best neighborhoods that you’ll love in Córdoba, Argentina

Córdoba, Argentina’s second-largest metropolis, is known as the “City of the Bells” or by its Spanish nickname, “La Docta,” a reference to its history as a center of learning. 

While known as a gateway to many outdoor adventures, the city is a bustling metropolitan area with arts, nightlife, great restaurants, and interesting neighborhoods. In this article, we discuss four of these neighborhoods that our students love to explore.

Historic City Center

European settlement began in this region due to the founding of Jesuit missions. Córdoba has preserved much of this history in its famous “Jesuit block,” a UNESCO world heritage site. This corridor is replete with churches, residences, and other historic buildings.

A short walk away is the Plaza San Martín, named for the country’s liberator (commemorated with a massive statue). This square has the city’s cathedral and the cabildo, a government building dating to colonial times.

Plaza San Martin, Córdoba’s historic main square with the cathedral in the background

The city center is pedestrian-friendly and well-connected to the rest of the metropolis by the bus system. Visitors are transported in time and can soak up the atmosphere of cafes and small shops.

Pedestrian street in historic center

Nueva Córdoba 

Nueva Córdoba is often considered the “hippest” district of this city. Nueva Córdoba is close to the city center and hosts Spanish Studies Abroad’s university partner, la Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (UNC). UNC is home to more than 100,000 students, so this neighborhood is not lacking in student life, including popular eateries and apartments.

The area is famous for its culture, shopping, and restaurants. There are still mansions preserved for over 100 years, many of which have been converted to other uses. A stroll down Hipólito Yrigoyen Avenue is a trip through this city’s past.

Fans of high culture can visit the Ferreyra Palace, which hosts the “Museum of Evita,” a fine arts museum, and the Emilio Caraffa Museum.

Cerro de las Rosas in Zona Cerro

This upscale neighborhood is north and west of the city center. It is known for Rafael Nuñez Street, where popular clubs, restaurants, markets, and clothing stores can be found. 

Parallel to Rafael Nuñez, you’ll find  Luis de Tejeda Street, which some might argue has even better places to eat. You will generally pay more here than in nearby UNC, but it’s worth exploring.

There are two important parks here, including the Parque Autóctono, one of Argentina’s most important urban nature reserves.

Güemes (also known as Pueblo Nuevo)

Güemes is a “bohemian” neighborhood in the southwest of the city. It is probably most famous for its Paseo de las Artes, an outdoor market where artists sell wares.

But the barrio also has striking Art Deco architecture, flower stands, cafes, bars, and boliches – clubs that would rival anything in Nueva Córdoba.

Our students love to explore the corners of this South American city together with new friends to see what experiences they will find. You’ll never forget your study abroad experience in the heart of South America.

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