Most Memorable Holidays & Festivals in Seville


Most Memorable Holidays & Festivals in Seville

Seville offers unique festivals that provide an unforgettable experience for your study abroad program. This rich culture provides a great backdrop for improving or perfecting your Spanish. These are festivals that our students LOVE.

1. Feria de Abril (April)


One of the biggest and most attended fairs in Spain, the Feria de Abril is a must for all lovers of Spain. There are a plethora of “casetas” or family/friend-owned tents that allow people to drink, eat, and dance the night away. There are also public tents and different carnival rides spread throughout the grounds. Women dress up in flamenco dresses and men in traditional trajes. 

One important thing, try to learn the basics of “Sevillanas” before you go! This is a different version of flamenco that is danced throughout the day and night when the music comes on.

Our students immerse themselves in the local culture including wearing typical local clothing.

2. Semana Santa (March or April every year)


Holy Week – immediately preceding Easter – is celebrated throughout Spain, but it is very special in the southern region of Andalucia. There are processions of intricate floats of saints and the holy family. The pageantry and costumes are very elaborate which makes Seville a global destination at this time of the year.

It is considered an honor to carry the floats with the religious statues, all of which are adorned with flowers and candles. Carrying it requires practice for several months to work with others to lift the heavy float on your back with other members. The two most famous ones are “La Macarena” and “Jesus de Gran Poder”. 

It is a spectacle that our students never forget. 

3. Bienal Flamenco (every two years in September)

flamenco 1

Seville is the place to experience the best flamenco performances since the dance originates in this region. This three-week festival hosts flamenco events throughout the city  

Every two years in September Seville brings in the most famous flamenco artists and performers for the Bienal Flamenco. Spectators enjoy learning more about the culture of flamenco and performances by the greatest artists in this field of music and dance.

4. Los Reyes Magos “Three Kings Day” (January 6, every year)

cabalgata reyes magos

January 6 marks the day that the Three Kings come. Arguably, this day could be more memorable than Christmas in Spain. Children are thrilled when the Three Kings come bearing gifts and throw candy in a huge parade in many towns and cities across Spain. 

January 6 is the “day of presents” in Spain, more so than traditional Christmas. It is also a day of wonderful meals with family and friends.

5. Corpus Cristi (May or June, every year)

corpus cristi sevilla

This is a local Catholic holiday in Sevilla (dedicated to the sacrament of the Eucharist). It is often a chance for our “Summer 1” session students to get a flavor or Holy Week.

There is a procession that departs from the cathedral. For this occasion, the streets along the route are strewn with rosemary and other aromatic herbs. Can be considered the “little brother” of Easter with processions throughout the streets and dressing in the proper attire.

Sevillanos love gathering and preserving traditions that span centuries. The city itself is such a unique and beautiful setting to live and experience a new culture that our students create lifelong memories there.

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