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All Spanish Studies Abroad study abroad programs are grounded in our philosophy of helping students cross into new cultures, as we encourage them to venture outside their own cultural identity to find a comfortable place within another. At our Center in Seville, we have consciously developed a curriculum that maximizes student language acquisition and engagement in the local culture, and we are constantly seeking ways to adapt and improve upon our programming whenever possible.

In all our locations

In all of our program locations, Spanish Studies has designed courses especially for students studying abroad, so that they may synthesize their everyday experiences in their host culture with cultural guidance and appropriate contexts.

Social and Cultural Realities Courses:

These courses run throughout the length of the semester, and have been developed to enrich students’ comprehension of their transition into a new culture. The courses are taught by the Resident Directors, allowing the Directors to observe each students’ adaptation process and for the students to establish a relationship with their Directors of the program. Cultural and Social Realities courses are available for students at the Intermediate and Advanced levels of Spanish.


Seville, Spain

At the Center in Seville, students benefit from an entire curriculum designed and taught by Spanish Studies staff and faculty. Courses cover a wide variety of topics and cater to different majors such as Spanish Studies, Business, Education, Literature, Communications, the Arts and more. Classrooms are located in a beautiful and historic mansion in downtown Seville.


All Seville semester and academic year students receive enhanced language support through intensive Spanish courses, taught by native instructors, as well as language modules to support the areas of their language learning that need the most attention. Students take one language module during the initial Intensive Period, and a second language module during their semester coursework. Language modules focus on the areas of listening, speaking, reading, and writing.


The Seville Summer Terms offer a unique opportunity for teachers or students pursuing a career in education. The "Seminar for Teachers of Spanish" offers cultural tips and tools for teachers to bring to their classrooms, and can be enhanced by "The Psychology of Learning a Second Language" in the first summer term. The "Practicum in Education" is a great way for students to receive hands-on teaching experience at the Center's English language school for those interested in entering the field.


Students interested in film or pop culture would love this unconventional course in Spanish Cinema. The course begins with a in-depth look at Spanish Cinema before students begin making and producing their own short films.

Visiting Faculty

Each semester, Spanish Studies Abroad invites a faculty member from any of our affiliated colleges or universities to teach a course at the Center in Seville. Each professor designs a course around their own interests and areas of expertise, and brings with them an enthusiasm for the content and for teaching abroad.

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