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30 Gap Year Ideas: Epic, Unique, and Underrated

If you're looking for epic gap year ideas before, during or after college - we've got you covered. Find ideas,…

Study Abroad Scholarships for Minorities in 2023

A Background on Scholarships for Ethnic Minorities in Study Abroad In this article, we discuss financial aid and scholarships for…

How to Study Abroad: The Complete A-Z Guide

How to Study Abroad: The Complete A-Z Guide Photo by: Kayla Rowe (Wake Forest University), Córdoba Spanish Studies Spring Semester…

What Does Study Abroad Mean?

What is study abroad? “Study abroad” is an opportunity to pursue an educational program in a foreign country. Some people…

13 Best Places & Countries to Study Abroad for English Speakers

For historical reasons, English has become the world’s most important language. It’s the de facto second language taught in most…

Best Gifts for Host Family

First impressions are everything with your host family. Selecting good gifts for your homestay family is an easy way to…

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