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Study Abroad in Spain, Argentina, Cuba, Panama, and Puerto Rico



We are proud of our philosophy of maximizing student engagement through cross-cultural courses and activities.


Our US-based team will assist in the course selection and pre-departure process, while our Resident Directors offer you 24-hour on-site support while away.



We offer a variety of program models to suit student and institutional needs. Can’t find the right program for you? Tell us your needs and we’ll go the extra mile to adapt.


We work hard to maintain an innovative, dynamic, and broad curriculum for Spanish learners of all levels.

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What is

SSA provides learning experiences in Spanish-speaking countries, focused primarily on North American university-level students. Our history began in Seville, Spain in 1969, where we run the Center for Cross-Cultural Study in the historic, central area of the city.

Since then, we have expanded to other interesting cities including Alicante and Barcelona in Spain and Havana, Cuba; Córdoba and Patagonia in Argentina; and San Juan, Puerto Rico

SSA has a U.S. headquarters in Amherst, Massachusetts, and staff around the continent to work with our university and college partners.

Students choose to study with SSA – in both English and Spanish – to develop language fluency, experience new cultures, and obtain university credit. For university students, we offer academic years, semesters, and short programs of 4 weeks in January, May, and summer months. Most of our students live with local families for a deep immersion in the culture as well as for language fluency.

In addition to our standard academic offerings, SSA supports many customized faculty-led learning programs, including faculty-led trips and study tours. As of September 2023, we are proud to announce the inclusion of Panama (Panama City & Boquete) as a new custom-program destination.


The Study Abroad Application Process

The application process is simple.  These are the steps you need to follow:

Inform yourself

Browse our website and meet with your advisor and the Education Abroad Office.

Decide where

We offer study abroad terms in: Spain (Seville, Alicante, Barcelona), Argentina (Córdoba, Patagonia), Cuba (Havana), Panama (Panama City), and Puerto Rico (San Juan). You can also choose multiple locations.

Decide when

How long would you like to study abroad? Fall, Spring, Academic Year, January, May, Summer; perhaps a combination of these?

Select a program

You will want to select a program that best suits your goals: consider your current level of Spanish, major/minor, course offerings, etc.


Immerse yourself in Southern Spain’s culture – history, architecture, flamenco and tapas.


Surround yourself with big-city sophistication, culture, art, sports, culinary delights and a Mediterranean climate.


Enjoy an American-style university experience in this seaside, temperate paradise.

Córdoba, Argentina

Study at the oldest university in Argentina while discovering the lifestyle of yerba mate, tango and gauchos.

Patagonia, Argentina

Explore the Diversity of Life in Argentina’s Ecosystems from Cordova to Patagonia with a mix of theoretical and practical classes in this natural wonder.

Havana, Cuba

Revel in the warmth of the hospitality and climate in this one-of-a-kind destination.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Dive into the culture and blue waters of the island’s largest city.

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